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We are a group of companies which unlock true human potential.

Irrespective of origin, nationality, gender, and belief.


We create equal opportunities in a globalizing world.

Elewa companies share a common belief, culture and mission; We improve the way in which people grow, work and learn. We thereby believe in:

Leveling the playing field

Our organizations connect opportunities across the world with those in the global South. On a level playing field with room for mutual respect, across contexts and cultures.

Placing people at the center

We place people at the center of everything we do. Leveraging their unique talents, characters and ambitions.

Growing self

We stay in touch with ourselves, evaluate our current state and set targets for our next. Balancing body, mind and emotion in a fast-paced world, we sprint ahead of the pack.

Growing others

We believe the success of one is the success of all. We have a cooperative mindset and guarantee each other growth and protection.

The activities which fulfill
our purpose

Practically, we are organized as a transparent multi-stakeholder
co(o)rparation which develops and supports brands. In turn, our
brands develop and support people. They carry and promote our
culture, geared towards the rapid acceleration of human capital.

Growing capital impacting lives

Elewa is proof that growing capital and impacting lives can work well together.

Our group is owned and managed by our founder, our employees (across brands) and our network of 56 passionate angel investors.